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[GB] Grayscale - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
[GB] Grayscale - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
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    [GB] Grayscale - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat


      Darkness comes from the absence of light. As light is added, shades of gray become visible. This layering of light and dark can make for intense combinations, such as the abstraction above. Bring dark and light to your desk in a beautifully balanced style.

      - Design by Nicholai.Design

      Brought to your desk by the LastPadawan Team.

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      Grayscale Deskmat Details:

      Grayscale - Shades of grey are formed between white and black across this abstract piece.

      Offered in a 900mm x 400mm x 4mm size.

      High quality printing process

      Smooth cloth top

      Natural rubber bottom

      Overedge printed stitching