FREE SHIPPING for orders over 50 USD (US customers) or 100 CAD (CA customers)


Return & Order Change Policy

Changes to Orders


Group Buy Order - you may add items if the group buy is still on-going. 

In-Stock Order - You may add or remove items from your order if your order has not shipped.

Address changes -  You may request a change of address as long as your order has not been shipped


To request an order modification, you can:
    • Reply to your order email detailing what modifications you want
    • Email us at
    • Reach out on Discord via DM


In-Stock Order Cancellations


Contact AlphaKeys before your order is shipped to ensure cancellation. 

Refunds will incur a processing fee of 3.5% 

Refunds typically process within 7-10 business days

Refunds cannot be provided to orders that have been shipped


Group-buy & Pre-order Cancellations


Due to the nature of Group Buys and Pre-orders, cancellations are not permitted.


Return policy


Returns are carefully reviewed case by case. Evidence must be provided of the wrong product being received, or evidence of a defective product beyond reasonable manufacturing error.