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[Preorder/Extras] Dusk Panda

    [Preorder/Extras] Dusk Panda

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      Group Buy end date: January 5

      Preorder start date: January 11

      Estimated ship date: 3 Months After Group Buy Ends

      1 quantity = 10 switches



      Orange Dusk Panda:
      - Orange POM Tactile stem
      - Custom stem (Not a Halo or YOK Purple stem, similar to T1)
      - 5 Pin
      - Full PC smokey housing
      - 67g (bottom out) spring
      - Designed by AlphaKeys

      Blue Dusk Panda:
      - Blue POM Linear stem
      - Special "Panda V2" stem
      - 5 Pin
      - Full PC smokey housing
      - 62g (bottom out) spring
      - Designed by AlphaKeys



      North America: Right here!

      Latin America: Fancy Customs

      Europe: Prototypist

      European Union: Candykeys

      Asia: Monstargear

      Australia: Daily Clack


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