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Group Buy Status

by Ari Citrin on April 25, 2021

Hello Everyone,

This page is to try to improve individual product updates. When there's news, we'll be sure to update this page, otherwise no news means that it's still in production. If you have any questions or a product isn't listed, feel free to leave a comment below and we will do our best to share an update.

The AlphaKeys team


SA Magica: Closed, awaiting invoice.

DCS Delftware: Live until April 30
JTK Sora: Live until May 6
DSS Hand Work: Live until May 21


Entropy + Aaru: Invoice paid, awaiting production.
Crystalline: In production, expected May or June
Sushi Suitchi: In transit, expected May

Cloudscape: Live until May 2
Spilled Dragon: Live until May 8
K-Store: Live until May 9
Duality: Live until May 12


Ethereal Panda: Complete
Dusk Panda: Shipped, extras available.
Queen: In transit
POM Glacier Panda: Closed.
Hyperglide: In fulfillment

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Last updated: April 25, 2021